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Wellness package

Did you know that we have put together various packages for which you don't have to leave your holiday home? The beauticians will come to your holiday home by appointment and give you a lovely massage or beauty treatment.

We have put together various massages for you. Of course the arrangements can be adjusted to your preferences, because maybe you have something special to celebrate during your stay at Parc Ganuenta, e.g. an anniversary, a birthday, or a friend weekend or bachelor party, or just surprise someone during your stay, a lot is possible!

Facial treatment
Facial treatment with or without epilation:
Cost of facial treatment 45 min € 45 (without epilation)
Cost of facial treatment 60 min € 60 (with epilation)

Relax massage - Gemstone massage - Sports massage
A massage lasts 45 minutes, entire back of the body.
Costs:€ 45,00 p.p. for duo massage, 1 person massage € 50,00.

1 person minimum 60 minutes, costs € 60,00 if more than one person wants to make use of the package it is possible to make a reservation from 45 minutes per treatment.

Aroma Touch Massage
A massage lasts 45 to 60 minutes, back, neck, head and feet
Costs: € 57,50 p.p. for duo massage, 1 person massage € 62,50.

Relax massage
Gentle massage to let your body and mind come to rest in harmony. The massage stimulates the general blood circulation:

  • Better disposal of waste products
  • Improved supply of nutrition and oxygen in the cells
  • Better local metabolism
  • Improved muscle function
  • Better breathing
  • Better condition

Your immune system as a whole improves.

As a result, less fatigue, more energy, less stress, sleep improvement, less pain complaints and a better mood.

Gemstone massage - Relaxation massage
A massage with gemstones is recommended because of their healing and relaxing effect. Already in ancient times gemstones were used for massage. The energy given off by the stones in combination with a fragrant oil relaxes the skin and muscles during the massage. The warmth and pressure of the stones penetrate deep into the muscles and body. The masseur moves the warm stones over the skin. Gemstone massages therefore have a very great relaxing effect.

Each stone has its own healing, healing or relaxing effect. Blockages are thus lifted and the energy field is cleansed. During the gemstone massage, the various stones are used to massage so that they can give off their vibrations and unique power to the body. The body is brought into balance and blockades are lifted. The self-healing capacity of the body is activated. Tension and stress are removed and replaced by new, sparkling energy.

The gemstone massage brings a lot of relief to emotional complaints such as tension, stress, sadness, fear, uncertainty and mourning. The gentle healing power of the gemstones can alleviate or even eliminate these complaints. The gemstones are heated and in combination with oil they are applied to the skin.


Aroma Touch Massage
The AromaTouch Technique is a relaxing massage combined with 8 certified pure essential oils of dōTERRA, which are applied to the back, neck, head and feet by gentle massage. This is done by a certified therapist. The aim of the treatment is to help the nervous system to balance the body.

  • Blood circulation and the self-healing capacity are stimulated.
  • Balances body and mind.
  • Step 1: Reduce the cortisol (stress) level
  • Step 2: Strengthens the immune system
  • Step 3: Reduces inflammatory processes in the body
  • Step 4: Homeostasis (improving communication between tissue and organs through the nervous system)

An AromaTouch treatment takes about 45-60 minutes and consists out of four steps. For each step 2 different essential oils are used, each with a specific effect:

First step: Stress
Balance: This mix of 4 oils creates a good feeling, is soothing, relaxing and connects.
Lavender: This oil is relaxing, soothing & healing for the skin, reduces anxiety and helps with allergies.

Second step: Immune system
Melaleuca: This oil, also known as "tea tree", works strongly against bacteria, fungi and parasites.
On Guard: This mix of 5 oils has a disinfecting effect and supports the immune system.

Third step: Inflammations
Aromatouch: This blend of 4 oils soothes the skin and improves circulation.
Deep Blue: This mix of 6 oils gives relaxation to aching muscles and joints and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Fourth step: Homeostasis (nervous system balance)
Wild Orange: This oil supports the immune system, raises mood and helps with stress-related anxieties.
Peppermint: This oil is refreshing, gives energy, supports the digestive system, relaxes the skin and lowers temperature.

The essential oils of dōTERRA are completely pure, without chemical additives and 100% natural.

Sports massage
Better performance, Faster recovery, Fewer injuries.

Sports massage is a firm massage in which various techniques are applied to bring tense muscles into relaxation. The blood circulation of the muscles is improved and waste products are removed from the muscle tissue faster.

For athletes a perfect treatment before or after their activity.

  • Less acidification in the muscles.
  • Mentally one can prepare well for a better performance.
  • Coordination is improved.
  • Less chance of injuries.
  • Faster recovery after sports.

But also for non-sporters who suffer from tense and stiff muscles due to all kinds of different activities, a sports massage is very effective.     

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We advise you to book at least 2 weeks before arrival to avoid disappointment.