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The power of Zeeland

It’s all in the name: Zee (sea) + Land. On the one hand, the rugged wildness of the water in combination with the Netherlands’ clean beaches, and on the other the lovely, endless green polders, historical cities, romantic vistas and picturesque views. Colijnsplaat lies at the foot of the Zeelandbrug on the island Noord-Beveland, the next but one smallest island in Zeeland and the epicentre of the province with the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands.

Typical of this area are the dikes with their tall trees, old polders, beautiful creeks, endless country lanes edged with knotted willows, grasslands, tunes, sand and clay earth and gorgeous areas of natural beauty. The endless island is simply perfect for long walks or relaxing bike rides.

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Dog beaches and off-leash areas

Walking with your dog in one of the many nature reserves or on the beach.

Omnium in Goes

Rain or shine, here you will find everything for a day out.

Bistro Zeelandia

If you are looking for a unique culinary experience in Colijnsplaat, a visit to Bistro Zeelandia is highly recommended.


Enjoy a variety of MTB routes, one of which runs across the park 

Escape Tours Middelburg

Explore Middelburg in a unique way with Escape Tours.

Horse riding in Zeeland

Horse riding in Zeeland offers wonderful opportunities, whether you want to gallop along the beach, trek through forests or ride through the dunes.


Cycle alongside the water or through Zeeland's countryside.

ZEP Middelburg

Zeeland's largest leisure park with 16,000 m2 full of fun!

Solex Tours

Experience a wonderful solex tour together with your family or friends and explore the surroundings of Zuid-Beveland in a special and nostalgic way.


Walk freely in one of the many nature reserves or along the beach.

Restaurant Yachtclub Colijnsplaat

Restaurant Yachtclub Colijnsplaat is located on the harbour of the Oosterschelde.

Water sports

Water sports enthusiasts can totally enjoy themselves in Zeeland.

Hama Take-a-way / Delivery

Discover delicious dishes at Hama Eetcafé in Colijnsplaat or have your dishes delivered to your accommodation!

Restaurant Karel Vijf

Culinary delights in a unique location! Dine in one of the oldest buildings at the Goese Haven with views over the water.

Restaurant De Schelde

Discover fish restaurant de Schelde, located in Colijnsplaat.

Restaurant Kale & De Bril

The restaurant Kale & De Bril radiates a cosy, social, informal atmosphere and serves delicious freshly prepared food.

Nature & Surroundings

Discover Zeeland's expansive fields, rippling brooks and hilly countryside.

Seal safari

Looking for an unique experience? Try a seal safari across the beautiful Oosterschelde!

Restaurant De Beuze

A cosy restaurant located in the centre of Zierikzee on the Havenplein.

Alpacas Zeelandia

Walking, petting, cuddling and grooming at Alpacas Zeelandia!

Deltapark Neeltje Jans

Discover the stunning Neeltje Jans!

Bicycle racing

Wind, cobblestones, straight polder roads and a rich cycling tradition.

Seafarm in Kamperland

Enjoy the best, freshest and sustainable quality shellfish and turbot at Seafarm in Kamperland.

Climbing in Zeeland

Feel the freedom in climbing forest Westerschouwen or climbing park Kanoa!

Berkenhof's Tropical Zoo

Experience an unforgettable day at Berkenhof's Tropical Zoo!

Café De Patrijs

Eetcafé De Patrijs is located in the characteristic village of Colijnsplaat.

Hof Pop in Grijpskerke

Hof Pop is Zeeland's nature, play and experience farm!

Porpoise spotting

You can regularly spot porpoises in the waters of the Oosterschelde.

Klok'uus in 's-Heer Arendskerk

Visit Klok'uus, Zeeland's a fun indoor and outdoor playground.

Brasserie Maritime

A modern restaurant located on the harbour in Zierikzee. Enjoy all the delicious shellfish & seafood or meat dishes.

Bounce Valley Middelburg

Discover the ultimate fun at Bounce Valley Middelburg!

Restaurant Katseveer

Lunch or dinner on the banks of the Oosterschelde? Visit Restaurant Katseveer!

De DAM in Vrouwenpolder

All year round you can dine, drink, lounge and play sports on the beach at Vrouwenpolder.